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Ignite Your Content and Copy to Grow a Better Brand

Copy that converts = customers

Does your website lack clarity or a defined plan?

Do you find it's hard to attract visitors and keep them engaged?

It's not  you, it's your copy.

If it's not hitting the mark, it's not marketing for you.

If you not targeting your ideal customer, you're targeting no one.

Here's How to Get that Missing Spark:

Conversion-focused, customer-centric content and copywriting that ignites your site and sparks your brand.

AWAI Verified

AWAI Verified/Certified Copywriter

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certified, June 2017

Certified Digital Marketer, May 2017


Hello! I'm Michelle Griffin, a marketing communications strategist and copywriter. I help you create marketing messaging that better clarifies, connects, captivates, and converts their customers.


I help  service-based businesses and professionals  who want to enhance their brands with better marketing messaging to increase traffic, grow leads, gain/retain customers and make sales.


I partner with you to optimize your website with conversion-focused marketing messaging and strategy to grow your business and gain/retain customers.


My educational background includes a bachelor's degree in Advertising, master's degree in Communications/Public Relations (emphasis on journalistic writing), plus many online certifications courses in digital marketing, and advanced copywriting training with AWAI.


My background includes 20 years experience in marketing communications with a special emphasis on copy/content writing and digital marketing strategies for small business, as well as for the insurance, law, association, conference planning and meeting management industries.


My experience includes museum communications manager, law firm marketing director, and executive director/marketing director for an association for B2B professional services. I am also a marketing consultant for a variety of small business owners. 

About Me: The Long Version

Here's a quick read about me and how it relates to telling your brand's story. Hint: you get to see pictures of me with awful '90s hair and learn about how I came full-circle to my passion for communicating with others and telling stories. 

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